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Hi!!! Guys, I am happy to announce that from now onwards we will accept "Guest Posts" in our and your blog TechyyDude.

Because we want every blogger, content creators should contribute something from there side to this amazing and billion dollars industry.

If you're a content creator, blogger, digital marketer, and want to share your knowledge and perspectives through our blog then we're welcoming you warmly.

So, before you start please read some instructions related to guest posting:)

Important Notice!!

Please, check that blog posts, ideas, tutorials that are already posted in our blog you can't post those types of topics or similar to that topics again so please check our blog so you can get to know topics that are already posted. We didn't accept any products or software reviews type articles/posts. And after you post your article in our blog it will become the property of TechyyDude so you can't post is anywhere else..

Note: Submission of your blog post not guaranteed publication. It will be reviewed and the results will be mailed to you.

Topics In Which We Accept Guest Posts

  •  Blogging
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  •  SEO Tips
  •  Traffic Generation Tips
  •  WordPress Tips
  •  Make Money Online Tips
  •  Social Medias Tips
  •  Content Marketing Tips
  •  Monetization Tips
  •  Lead Generation And Email Marketing Tips
  •  And Any Thing Related To Digital Marketing


  • Article Quality And LengthYour article length should more than 2000 words or more. Because more words cover the topic in detail and readers will get deep knowledge about that topic.
  • Images And Infographics: Use images, screenshots, and infographics in your article. Because image says more than a word so use some image, screenshots, and infographics related to your post. Don't use copyright images use copyright free images you will get it from PixaBay or you can create your own image with the help of Canva. Or if you're using some other bloggers, content creators, graphic designers images for reference then give proper credits to them. Image format should be in .png or .jpg.
  • Article Format: You should use proper heading in the proper format (H1, H2,..., H6) in your article. You can use bullet points, and keep paragraph short (2to3 lines).
  • Link Quality: Don't use spam or malicious link in your article. Check the quality of the link before use.
  • Copyright: We respect other bloggers work so, please don't copy their work. We will check every post with some plagiarism tools and if we find the article is plagiarized we will not publish that article.

Benefits of Guest Posting

  •  If you're a newbie then you will get exposure to this amazing world.
  •  We will share it with all our email subscribers and on our social media.
  •  You will get a do-follow backlink.
  •  And Many More.

How To Send Guest Posts To Us??

You can simply mail us at or with your post title in the subject line and mention "Guest Posts". We will review it and will mail you the result. And if your article meets our requirements we will publish it within 48 hours after submitting the posts.

So, Start Your Journey Today!! Good Luck❣

HI!! My Name Is Suryakant sahoo A Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, YouTuber, And Founder Of In This Blog, We Provide Valuable And Authentic Content related to Digital Marketing.

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