What Is Affiliate Marketing? Best For Beginners

So the most searched answer on the Internet is How To Make Money Online? There are many answers on the web of this question to date but which is the best way through which you can earn 1000$ in a month? Did You Know… The best answer is Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, there will be a full explanation of what is affiliate marketing, how to start it, what are the things you need to start it, etc.

Need to know all of this strategies read this article from first to last…..

The affiliate industry is one of the popular and demanded method through which you can generate passive income online sitting at home. It grows rapidly in the past few years and many digital marketers, Entrepreneurs are using this Industry to grow their income.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of online referral program in which you refer an online buyer to a product through your affiliate link (your unique link) when the buyer purchases the product through your unique link then you will get a small commission from the merchant site.

It works on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or CPL (Cost Per Lead) technology i.e., you will get a commission whenever a buyer purchases the product or signup for a free trial at the merchant site.

Here are the few simple steps through which you can earn great commissions from affiliate marketing…

  • You join an affiliate program of Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • You will get your affiliate/referral link from the merchant site.
  • You will promote the link in social media, blogs, websites, Facebook ads, etc.
  • You will get a commission when a buyer purchases the product.

Affiliate Marketing Best For ?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of online marketing in which you refer to buyers online so, this is best for them who want to get there buissness online, digital marketer, social entrepreneur, etc.

From this, you can make a decent amount of money from your first day in limited traffic. Hence you have to ensure that your blog is targeted on the right place and right keyword.

Requirements To Start Affiliate Marketing

In simple words, there is nothing much required to start affiliate marketing. You will need to give your 1-2 hours efforts daily to this to become a success in this field. Below are some of the basic requirements if you need to start it. You can pick one from it.

  • You can start a blog or website in a targeted niche (topic) to start affiliate marketing.
  • You can buy traffic from PPC sites like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc and can send to your affiliate products.
  • You can create a Youtube channel to start promoting affiliate products.
  • You can start Email marketing.
  • You can create a Podcast.

As per my favorite, you can start a blog because the blog is the best, easy, low investment, and most effective way to start affiliate marketing. Below are the few simple steps through which you can promote your affiliate products in your blog.

  • Start a blog.
  • Select a Profitable niche.
  • Choose an affiliate product related to your niche.
  • Create a profile on the merchant (Site which offering the affiliate program) site.
  • Create the content on affiliate products you choose like reviews, comparisons, etc.
  • Start email marketing with the help of the best email senders to capture more traffic to your blog.
  • Start driving more traffic to your blog.
  • Repeat the process.

Common Terms Of Affiliate Marketing

Here are the some of the common terms related to affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliates: Affiliates are like you and me who join the affiliate program and start promoting the merchant products/services.
  • Affiliate Marketplace: Many companies can’t handle or manage their own affiliate program so they hire marketplace to control and manage the database of their affiliate program. There are many marketplaces in the market like Commission Junction, ShareASale, Awin, Impact Radius, etc. are some of the popular names.
  • Affiliate Management Software: It is a type of software that is used by companies/organizations to create an affiliate program. Post Affiliate Pro, FirstPromoter, etc. are the popular names of affiliate management software.
  • Affiliate ID: Some of the merchant sites give unique IDs like (365123) to their affiliates to promote their products/services. Example: https://merchantsite.com/?365123
  • Affiliate Link: There are many merchant sites which give affiliate link like (scripts/click.php?qd1231156=r) instead of affiliate IDs. Example: https://merchantsite.com/scripts/click.php?qd1231156=r
  • Payment Method: There are many affiliate program which provides different types of payment method to their affiliates like Paypal, Payoneer, Cheque, Wire Transfer, etc. are some of the popular names.
  • Commission: The Commission you will get when a buyer purchase from your affiliate link.
  • 2- Tier Affiliate Marketing: This is an excellent way through which you can earn extra income from affiliate marketing. In this method, you will refer others to become an affiliate of the merchant site if they make a sale you will get a sub-affiliate commission.
  • Landing Pages: Some of the affiliate programs have the inbuilt option of landing pages through which you can get more sales. You can run A/B testing to find which page is giving more conversions to you.
  • Custom Commission: Many of the merchant sites give the option of custom commissions/payouts to their top affiliates which are generating more sales.
  • Link Cloaking: This is the most important when we talk about affiliate marketing. When you join the affiliate program they give you your unique affiliate link which is long and ugly to see by the method of link cloaking you can make your affiliate link short, understandable by reader/buyer, look good in eyes and prevent you commission from getting theft.

WordPress Essentials To Start Affiliate Marketing

If you are choosing WordPress as your blogging platform to create your affiliate blog or website then you will need some plugins or software that will make your affiliate marketing journey flow in ease.

1. Preety Links or Thirsty Affiliates

These two plugins will help you to cloak your affiliate link which will look good in eyes, understandable, and short. It is an affiliate link management plugin which you can use to manage your all affiliate links at your WordPress dashboard by just a single click.


Your affiliate link: https://merchantsite.com/scripts/click.php?qd1231156=r

after cloaking your affiliate link…

Your cloaked affiliate link: https://yoursite.com/refer/productname

2. MonsterInsights

It is an affiliate link tracker plugin with the help of this plugin you can track your link and can find which product is giving you best conversions for you and your site. It works with the help of the google analytics database.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • It will help you to broaden your audience and reach.
  • It will increase your sales.
  • Affiliate Marketing can boost your reputation.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • You can make more sales in limited traffic.

Companies that offer affiliate programs will get free promotions and advertisements for their products. They have their TOS (Terms Of Service) related to their affiliate program like cookie policy, Payouts, Thresholds, etc.

Ok moving to….

affiliate marketing FAQs…

1. How much amount we can generate from affiliate marketing?

I will answer this “Unlimited” there is no limitation in affiliate marketing your income is depends on your hard work and dedication and how much time you are giving to this.

Blog is necessary for affiliate marketing?

No, it is not necessary to have a blog to start affiliate marketing. You can promote your affiliate products through your social media handles, PPC, advertising, etc, But the blog is the most effective and popular way to start affiliate marketing.

Qualification required to become an affiliate marketer?

There is no barricade of qualification in affiliate marketing. You need to have some good skills in content writing and marketing to get better conversions.

Affiliate marketing is illiegal or harmful?

No, affiliate marketing is neither harmful nor illegal. You are promoting a legal product from a legal website through your unique link rather than a direct link.

What is cookie policy?

There are many affiliate products which have 90 to 100 or 200 days cookie policy that means if a buyer clicks on your affiliate link but he/she didn’t buy the product at the same time but the buyer revisits the site in 90-100 days and make a purchase then you will get a sale and commissions from it.

Can we use Adsense with affiliate marketing?

Yes you can use both because affiliate marketing doesn’t violate any guidelines of Adsense.


I think you have cleared all your doubts about affiliate marketing and now you have to start your career in this field because this is the emerging industry to generate passive income.

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