5 Most Profitable Online Businesses In India That Are Booming In Corona Pandemic!!

We all are stuck at our home due to lockdown from the past 4 to 5 months. All businesses are shutting down GDP Growth is sucked!! We all are seeing and hearing all the bad news throughout the day…

But Wait!!

You know Still, there are benefits of this lockdown and pandemic. Yes, you heard me right… still, there are benefits of this lockdown and pandemic. Do you know what are the benefits?? The most profitable online businesses in India are booming on their top-level this time.

Most of the companies, startups, like Apple, Microsoft, Wipro, Reliance Groups, etc etc are going online and converting their old fashioned offline business into new fashion online business.

Online businesses are more convenient because you need just two things to start a smartphone or laptop and internet connection and you are ready to go.

Many times you think to start your own most profitable online businesses in India or world by reading blogs, watching youtube videos, searching on google, and many more. But you don’t start because you don’t give as much value to this industry.

Do you know the power of the Internet and online businesses? An online business can give you a comfortable life, it can change your lifestyle, you can travel all over the world, and the most important thing is you will become financially free.

Before coming back to your old fashioned thinking i.e, 9 to 5 job let’s discuss some most profitable online businesses ideas you can start instantly

So without taking your much time…

let’s discuss 10+ most profitable online businesses in India or anywhere in the world to start on.

Note: Before moving further, I want to tell you that every business in the world needs investments and hard work so you also have to invest in this online field and the success depends on your hard work. So, if you are serious and want to become the next entrepreneur then this guide is for you.

So here is the list of most profitable online businesses in India or the world.

1. Blogging (Most Profitable Online Businesses In India)

most profitable online businesses in India blogging

Blogging is the most successful and one of the famous, and most profitable online businesses in India. Blogging is a great option to choose if you have an interesting topic or niche to tell your readers. In blogging, you can share your valuable knowledge/ideas, information, interests, and many more.

If you want to make your career in blogging then you have to stay consistent with your audiences and keep them updated with your high-quality content through this method you can earn 6 figures from your blog. This is the only mantra if you want to become a success in the blogging field.

Blogging earning is not limited to your writing. Did you know how to earn money from a blog with various monetization methods? I have mentioned some of the popular ways below:

  • By displaying Ads (Using Adsense or Media.Net)
  • Affiliate Marketing (A most popular way to earn money from the blog)
  • Selling your own digital products in your blog (like; ebooks, courses, etc)
  • Paid guest posts
  • and many more

These are some of the popular ways to monetize your blog.

Want to make your own blog? read this article How to start blog from scratch in 2020 by Guide Blogging

Most of the newbie’s blogger asked that which is the best niche to work for? If you asked me I will tell you that there is no special or magical niche. In all niches, you will find competition as per my opinion if the niche is not competitive then the niche is useless you will not get any traffic.

But wait!!

One question will arise in your mind i.e., which niche is best for you? And the answer is whatever topic/niche you have passionated for and you can write millions of quality articles without getting bored and if the niche is profitable then that niche is best for you. See the below graphic:

In first I have told that every business in the world needs investments. In blogging, you can start your blog with some best free blogging platform but there are some limitations you can’t fulfill your heart so, to start blogging you need an investment of only 60$ (4500 INR) for 1 year. You need to buy a hosting plan to start your own most profitable online businesses in India i.e., blogging.

I will recommend SiteGround Hosting and BlueHost Hosting because both are best for beginners as well as professionals also. Both price, speed, features, after-sales services, all are A-One. You can choose any one of them.

Note: After creating your blog if you want to earn money from your blog contents then your content should be informative, you have to stay consistent, and you have to make your audience happy.

2. Affiliate Marketing

most profitable online businesses in India affiliate

Affiliate marketing the 2nd most profitable online businesses in India. Affiliate marketing allows you to sell other’s products by recommending them to your audiences through your unique affiliate link. If the audience will buy through your affiliate link you will get some commissions.

In affiliate marketing commissions rates are usually lie between 5% to 50% but some companies give more than 50%. You can become affiliates of different products related to your niche. Many companies offer incentives for their special affiliates also.

Here are some facts about affiliate marketing you should know:

  • More than 80% of famous brands in the world have their own affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate marketing is covering 15% of digital marketing revenue.
  • Around 71% of people in the world prefer to buy products from social media references.
  • More than 81% of brands rely on affiliate programs.
  • Fashion and grooming products are the most popular affiliate products.
  • In affiliate marketing, there is no fixed amount of income it’s totally depends on your hard work. But if we take estimation you can earn more than 1,60,000$/month i.e., (1,19,97,300 INR). See the below screenshot.

Investments: You do not need any extra investments to start affiliate marketing you just need a blog or website to promote your affiliate products. I have explained all blogging related topics in the blogging section.

So, Lets discuss;

How To Start your Affiliate Marketing Career And Start Earning From It?

Affiliate marketing is very easy to start on. There are many brands in the world that provides affiliate programs like Amazon, ShareASale, PeerFly, Commission Junction, ClickBank, etc which allows you to become their affiliate and gives their products to promote.

Below are some helpful tips if you want to earn big from affiliate marketing one of the most profitable online businesses in India:

  • First, you have to choose products that you want to promote on your website or blog. Keep in mind that your chosen products should match your niche otherwise, it will not help you to earn big.
  • Companies that allow you to become their affiliates are known as Merchant.
  • There are many reputable merchants available in the market you can choose some of the names are given above. ⬆⬆
  • After choosing your merchant signup for their affiliate program which is totally free.
  • After signup, you will get your unique affiliate link from your merchant which you will be used to promote your affiliate products.
  • when any user will buy the products through your reference the data will be tracked by your merchant sites and if the purchase was successful you will get commissions.

Note: Promote those products and brands that are trusted. It will build trust with your audiences don’t pick useless products. Take time while choosing the brands.

Training (3rd Most Profitable Online Businesses In India)

most profitable online businesses in India training

Due to lockdown, all educational activities are stacked. Do you hear about online classes? Online classes are growing like a craze in India all e-learning platforms are on their high demand.

The $107 Billion Industry That Nobody's Talking About!! (SOURCE: Inc)

Peoples love to learn from other’s experiences and mistakes they have made so they can repeat the same thing in their life. Instead of the Try and Fail Method, they love to buy courses that will help them to grow quickly to their destinations.

There are various ways of monetization available in this online business like you can create a batch of your students and can take online sessions, you can take one to one mentorships, etc. You can use some medium to train your students like Zoom, GoTowebinar, GoogleMeet which is absolutely free.

If you have good skills in teaching and have knowledge about some particular topic then you should go with this industry. In upcoming years you will find all educationists will use these most profitable online businesses in India to expand their income.

How To Start The Online Training Businesses.

  • Start this business according to your interest. First, find out in which topic you keep expertise and target those audiences whose interest matched with you.
  • We all know that content is king so, keep your content informative, clean, understandable, and professional. Give some case studies, live examples, etc.
  • If you are a newbie then you should use some marketing techniques to get exposure. You can take live online classes/webinars, you can run paid ads, you can make social media handles, etc.
  • And the last thing is to run this business like a king business.

4. Selling Digital Products

most profitable online businesses in India sell digital product

Selling digital products comes under another most profitable online businessess in India. With the help of technology and the internet, this is now a very easy way to earn huge. You just need an online store and a payment gateway to start.

Nowadays, people are selling ebooks, software, webinars, courses, etc and their earning are 5 to 6 digits you can’t imagine also. For selling digital products you need an eCommerce storefront where buyers can buy you digital products.

WordPress, Shopify are some of the most popular platforms where you can host your store with just a few simple clicks. But I will recommend you to make your own website with the help of WordPress which will help you to build your own brand and you can sell your own products.

Do you know the benefits of selling digital products?

It has high-profit margins, you don’t have to pay storage and shipping charges because these products are downloadable.

It requires only a one-time investment to start if you want a fully-fledged eCommerce storefront. You can use Shopify which costs $29/month for the basic plan but wait I have a solution to reduce the cost for you special guys.

You can go with SiteGround Woo Commerce hosting plan which will cost $3.95/month and you can make your own eCommerce store as you want. You can add unlimited products to your store. You can add an SSL certificate to protect your site from hackers.

5. Freelancing (Most Profitable Online Businesses In India With Zero Investments)

most profitable online businesses in India freelancing

Freelancing the name itself contain free because this is the only business that doesn’t need any investments. It only needs your skills, knowledge, and expertise to build your empire in this most profitable online businesses in India.

You can choose to freelance for anything like SEO, content writing, web designing, app development, and many more. Through this, you can help other people with their work and can charge hundreds of dollars from them.

Freelancing offers you great business with zero investment it is an only business that will help you to earn money as well as you can sharpen your skills also. There are many reputable freelancing sites are there like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork which gives you the opportunity to work as a freelancer.

How To Start Freelancing Business?

Choose your niche: In all businesses first, you have to pick a niche. In freelancing, you choose those topics in which you have the expertise and you can work for many hours without getting bored because it will give a boost to your business as well as confidence too.

Choose the platform: After deciding your niche you have to choose a platform in which you have to make gig (profile) as said above there are many reputable freelancing sites like Fiverr which give you an opportunity to start work as a freelancer.

Set your charges: After making gig you have to set the charges for your works so user can pay you for your work.

Make a portfolio: Make a portfolio for your skills and expertise to gain more exposure and customers. Once you get some orders and reviews by your customers add it to your portfolio. It will give a strong signal to your audiences.

FAQs Related To Most Profitable Online Businesses In India !!

Can I start the most profitable online businesses in India in home?

Yes, you can start the most profitable online businesses in India by sitting at your home with the help of a cup of coffee. All you need is a smartphone/laptop and internet connectivity.

Which is best business to start?

See, all the business is best to start all you have to do is hard work and keep patience and you will succeed in your business.

How much time does it take to establish the most profitable online businesses in India?

There is no fixed time it all depends on your hard work.

Which is best for beginners?

Freelancing is best for beginners because it doesn’t need any investments just you need is your skills on particular topic.


I think you loved the compilation of most profitable online businesses in India which you can start in this corona pandemic. In this article, I have picked the best online businesses which will make you rich with low or zero investments.

And now I want to hear from you !!

Which business you want to start let me know in the comment section.

Good Luck!!

Your Path To Success…

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