How Graduate Student Vishwajeet Kumar Is Now A Successful Blogger!

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Welcome to the fresh episode of The TechyyDude Show and today we are going to feature "Vishwajeet Kumar Sir" in our show.

Vishwajeet Kumar sir is a famous and a successful blogger and founder of BloggingGate.

He generally writes about blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc., and helping other bloggers to create a successful blog and how to earn 5to6 figures from it. 

So, without wasting your precious time let's start the interview!

I know you don’t need any introduction, but as a gesture please introduce yourself to my lovely audience.

Hello Suryakant, Thanks for inviting me to your blog. My Name is vishwajeet Kumar. I am a full-time blogger and Digital Marketer. I have started my blogging journey in late 2016

I am the Owner and founder of Blogginggate Where I share blogging tips and tricks and help people to start and grow their blog.

How you get to know about blogging and how you enter to this amazing world.

Before diving into blogging, I was just designing websites and install CMS on customers website. Later when I was in final year of my graduation I came to know about Amit Agarwal founder of

NOTE: Amit Agrawal Founder of Labnol is also known as father of Indian blogging because he is the only one who started the revolution of blogging in India. 

How you get to know about blogging and how you enter to this amazing world.

When You are new to blogging and have not the enough knowledge then it would be not easy to manage and grow a blog. I learned this from my failed blogs.

You need to provide quality and relevant content regularly to keep your blog alive. Make your blog design professional. I highly recommend newbies to use premium WordPress themes.

Keep the consistency as it is very important to grow your blog metrics. Make sure your content is helpful to your readers and fulfill what they are looking for.

What is your entire process from researching a keyword to publish a blog post and after that promotion?

Keyword research is very important to rank better in search engines. I highly recommend newbies to focus on long tail keywords to rank well. You can use SEMrush, and Quora to find relevant keywords for your blog posts.

Just go to the Quora and find the keywords which you want to use there you will find many relevant questions that people often ask. You can find some good relevant keywords there.

Now research that keywords in SEMrush or Ahrefs to find out how much competition that particular keyword has.

Now craft a good and high quality content and try to cover which other sites did not cover. Create backlinks for your post. You can use guest posting to get some quality and relevant backlinks from high authority websites. 

It will help you rank well and drive good traffic for your blog.

Can you please give some keyword research/SEO tips and techniques to newbie as well as pro bloggers?

Before you create a list of keywords to target your audience, you must know who your customers are and what they’re looking for when searching online for your products or services. This process is known as know your customer.

Once you exactly know who your customers are, it’s time to do keyword research and find keyword phrases that will be of interest to searchers. There are many SEO tools that can help with your keyword research.

I highly recommend to use SEMrush. It is one of the best SEO tools.

By Using SEMrush’s Position Tracker, you can enter your competitors’ URLs and SEMrush will analyze your rankings for particular keywords vs. your competition.

Make sure you use your keywords, including phrases, must be placed the meta titles, descriptions, headings on your page and used in the written content of a web page. When using keywords, try to put them towards the front of the copy.

When a blogger started their blog/website what should they take care of because many of them think about only earnings?

The very first thing a newbie bloggers keep in mind is that choosing a niche. Today newbies are doing the same thing what others are doing. 

Subsequently they choose a niche where they don’t have any knowledge and are unable to provide quality and useful content.

This is a big reason that bloggers are not be able to make money from their blog. So, Choosing a right niche is very important. 

As, I always ask every blogger I interview. What should a newbie blogger should take as their passive income source affiliate marketing or displaying ads or other.

Both earning sources are good. All you need to consider is that what type of blog are you creating. Displaying ads like AdSense is one of the best way to make money from your blog.

If you are working on a micro niche blog where your share quality tips and tutorials then the affiliate marketing works great.

Similarly if your blog is full of information like tech news then AdSense will works best.

There are plenty of ways you can monetize your blog. All you need is to check what suits best for you.

What do you think that we should only focus on one traffic source (SEO) or we should create a ecosystem around our blog?

I highly recommend bloggers to diversify their traffic sources. Depending on a single traffic source can be disastrous for you. So, yes, We need to diversify our traffic sources.

Who is your inspiration behind your success?

I consider my Family for my inspiration. They always inspire and motivates me. Without their support I am not be able to become a successful Blogger.

Which blogger/blog you regularly follow or wait for their new posts?

This is a very tough question. Because I visit many blogs and the list is big. However, I would like to mention some of the blogs that I regularly visit:

Can you please reveal your income because it is the inspirational part for some? (If you’re comfortable).

Sorry, But I cannot disclose the exact numbers. I personally believe that the numbers will inspire you for a small period of time.

I recommend newbies to look at the amount of dedication and hard work that a pro blogger make to their blog to generate 5 and 6 figure income.

It will motivate you to do more and you will understand the process of real blogging. However, I am able to make good amount of money from my blog.

Any tips you want to give to my audience as well as me?

There is no rocket science. All you need is to keep up the consistency, Work hard and have patience. These 3 simple steps will definitely help you to become a successful Blogger.

Any suggestions for my blog and my work? (If you want to give)

I really admire your Work. You are really doing great with your blog. I am sure you will definitely reach a good height in blogging. Just keep going! Wish you good luck!

Thank You!!

Vishwajeet Kumar Sir for giving time to this interview I've learned a lot from you and I will try my best to implement all of the tips you give on the interview

I think readers who're reading will also learn some values and tips of blogging from this interview.

I wish great success and power to you and your blog!!

And Thanks to all who come and read this amazing inspirational, motivational interview.

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  1. Suryakant,

    VK is known for his energy. I still admire to look at his enthusiasm in building networks and managing multiple blogs. Soon, he start a blog and grow it. Glad to see his interview on your blog, today! He deserves it!


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