How Affiliate Marketing Expert (Santanu Debnath) Earn More Than $2000/month. {The TechyyDude Show-1}

Hey!! guys how are you I think you are safe wherever you are. Today I am going to start a new series called (The TechyyDude Show) which is totally based on Inspirational Interviews of famous personalities of the blogging industry. This is the first episode and we will continue this series and will bring inspirational interviews for you so you can motivate and start your online journey.

Can you guess who is our first guest??

interview with santanu debnath bloggingjoy

Santanu Debnath founder of & who set an example of hard work and how you can earn money by following your passion. He is one of the top bloggers in the industry and publishes useful contents regularly in his blog

So, without wasting more time let’s start the interview !!!

1. First of all, please introduce yourself and your blog to TechyyDude readers.

Thanks a lot, Surya for inviting me to your blog.
Hello Friends, I am Santanu Debnath. On a professional level, I am a Software Consultant, and
in my free time, love to do blogging. I share useful blogging tips, WordPress tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel. Besides that, I also share web hosting tips and guides
through my other blog Blogging is my passion and also a good passive
income source.

2. What inspired you to start your career in blogging and how you started?

Back in 2007, I started looking for online money-making options. In my free time, I used to
research in that area and have experimented with making money online programs as well. But
finally, I realized that most of them were fake.
But during that process, I came to know about the Google AdSense program. And from that, I got
to know about blogging. At that time, I was not that serious and was not giving efforts to explore
blogging. But in 2012, when my wife Manidipa also got interested in this field I decided to
pursue blogging as a full-time career, we started taking blogging seriously.

3. Describe your writing process, from research to publishing. How do you stay
motivated to keep the blog up?

I always put more effort around a major keyword and try to cover all topics around that even if
the competition is high. While writing, I prepare the complete flow of the article first covering all
major headings, references, etc. And then I start filling each and every segment gradually.

Regarding the motivation part, I have many good friends on Facebook. I have started a
Facebook Group in 2018 and after that I found many awesome friends online. They always
support me, encourage me to continue my passion and that’s one of the motivations for me.
Other than that, I & Manidipa are best friends and we do have similar understanding, interest in
blogging and that’s always motivated both of us to continue our interest in blogging together. How do you attract new readers? Please describe the methods you’ve used and their
impact on your site traffic?

4. How do you attract new readers? Please describe the methods you’ve used and their
impact on your site traffic?

Well, through my blog content I always try to write good content to get traffic from search
engines. But due to many changes in Google algorithms, it’s getting impacted every now and
then. For that reason, I started looking for alternative traffic sources.
● I have a Facebook Group with 17,500+ members.
● I have started a YouTube channel also
● I regularly answer questions on Quora
● I have started working on email marketing by launching a free blogging course.

5. What are your thoughts on SEO and social media? And what works best for you?

SEO is the backbone of content marketing. We can’t ignore the importance of organic traffic.
But things have changed now. SEO is a long term process and one has to implement the
safe-SEO practices slowly to get good results.
On the other hand, social media is the place where you can get immediate feedback about your
content, your blog, and your work. You can collect a lot of social proofs and use them on your
blog to showcase your authority.
So, we can’t ignore any one of them as they both serve 2 different purposes.

Oh that’s great !!

You have explained both of them really well. I think if you are serious about blogging then you have to take both of them equally to create an eco-balance because now google is taking social signals as one of the ranking factors.

6. What do you think about Adsense and Affiliate marketing? Which is best for newbies?

My first income came from Google Adsense only. In fact, during the first few years, my major
income source was Google AdSense only. But from the day I discovered Affiliate marketing I
found it better compared to AdSense.
As a newbie, you must understand how both the programs work. And whatever way you are
comfortable to go for that. It’s not like one is best over another. People are making huge money
from both, so find out your way of making money.

7. How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your

I am quite active on my Facebook Group. But on weekdays, it’s not possible to respond all the
time. During weekends, I mostly engage with my friends and respond to all my readers.

8. Can you please tell us what are your greatest achievements and failures? And what did
Do you learn from that?

Hmm, I don’t know how to answer this question. Honestly, in my life, there were plenty of
mistakes that I have learned a lot. At the same time, I always keep my expectations low so there
are actually plenty of achievements. At the end of the day, I am happy whatever I am able to do
because of the support & love of my family & friends.

9. What were the goals you want to achieve in the upcoming years?

I just want to help people in blogging that way. I don’t have any big targets or goals. Just
continuing my passion for blogging until the end of my life is what I want.

10. Can you please reveal your earnings and sources of earning with our readers? (If you
doesn’t have any problem then)

There is nothing to hide, as I have mentioned this in many places already. Blogging income is
not our primary source of income, so we are happy whatever we are able to earn from our
blogs. On average it fluctuates between $500-$2000/mo. Our maximum earning is from Affiliate
marketing only.

11. Many newbie bloggers think that blogging is a quick rich scheme but that isn’t the
truth. Do you want to give any suggestions to newbies?

When it is about making money, I don’t think there is any quick way to earn a lot. Only if you get
engaged with unethical staff is a different discussion. As a newbie, one must have patience and
try to learn more about blogging. Competition has increased a lot, search engines have become
smarter these days. So, it’s actually even harder to start earning money, if you don’t understand
how exactly blogging works. My suggestion is to follow the top bloggers and start reading their
blogs to learn more.

12. Can you name some of your favorite blogging personalities and why they are your

I always respect all the people who are helping others or sharing knowledge. This list is endless,
but still, I want to mention a few of the bloggers whom I admire most: Anil Agarwal, Sumit Sao,
Harsh Agarwal, Pradeep Kumar.

13. What was the future of blogging in India? Do you encourage other people to start

Yes, the future of blogging is very bright. Especially due to this Covid-19 pandemic, when work
from home becomes very popular blogging gets more attention. So, whatever you are doing
right now, you can easily start a blog and manage it in your free time or full-time.

14. Do you want to give suggestions to my blog? (If any)

Your blog is amazing and the way you are sharing content is very useful. Keep writing useful
articles, help people by providing solutions to their problems and that’s what the actual purpose
of blogging is. Thanks a lot for asking so many amazing questions. I hope your audience will like
the answers.

Thanks, Santanu Debnath sir for taking part in “The TechyyDude Show” and answering questions amazingly. Really you are a true inspiration to all of us who are in this field or those who want to start. You are my first guest and I have learned a lot from this interview. Keep us update with informational articles through your blog.

Thank You !!!

Guys, If you loved the interview then please share with your friends, and comment down what you have learned from this interview. See you in the next article… Bye Bye 👋👋

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