Interview with Piyush Yadav Founder of Exact Blogging. {The TechyyDude Show-2}

Hello!!! and welcome to the fresh episode of The TechyyDude Show.

Can you guess our today's guest....

He is non-other than Piyush Yadav founder of Exact BloggingHe is a passionate blogger, and, affiliate marketer.

This is the second episode off The TechyyDude Show and after reading this interview you will get motivated to start working on the Internet.

Ok!!! Without wasting your precious time let's start the interview:))

Hi!! Piyush Yadav welcome to the “The TechyyDude Show” can you please introduce yourself and your blog (Exact Blogging) to the TechyyDude readers.

Hello Suryakant,
First of all, thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with your audience.

Hey guys, I'm Piyush Yadav a passionate blogger, affiliate marketer, a newbie Youtuber, and founder of Exact Blogging. I belong to Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Exact Blogging is a place where I share articles related to SEO, Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Writing, etc.

When did you start blogging as a career and what inspires you most?

I started blogging at the end of 2018 as a part time blogger and till now I'm doing it part time. My inspiration is Ranveer Allahbadia also known as Beerbiceps. And my life coach is Lord Krishna.

What is the story behind your blog domain name (Exact Blogging) and why you choose this?

When I was thinking to start a blog about Blogging and SEO back in 2020 I was very confused about it. But someone taught me which words are you using in your life most. I said, "I use exactly a lot". So I picked the name Exact Blogging. I know it is very funny but it is the story behind my blog domain name.

How you write such amazing and quality content in your blog? Can you please explain the research behind it.

There's no rocket science, If you also want to write, you can.
First I decide a topic after doing some research on YouTube and other blogs. Then I do some keyword research and make an outline.

After that I close all the tabs opened in my browser and start writing.
See, if you're passionate about something then it'll be very easy to write about that or make videos about that.

Ya, You're right Piyush If anyone is not passionate about their work they are doing they can't succeed on it.

According to you what practices should a newbie blogger take to rank their blog posts in the top 10?

If you want to rank your blog posts in the top 10 results, you'll have to follow these tips:

  • Pick a good niche
  • Do keywords research and find some long tails keywords
  • Write high quality content
  • Do some social sharing
  • Make some backlinks
  • If you're still not ranking then update your content and do some social sharing and make some backlinks again.

Affiliate marketing vs Adsense. Which is best according to you and through which you can generate passive income?

Affiliate and Adsense both are good ways to make money online. There are a lot of bloggers who're earning a very handsome amount of money from their blogs through Adsense.

And also lots of bloggers are making money only from Affiliate Marketing. And lots of bloggers are using both of them. So I'll not recommend you to pick only one.

But in beginning I think Affiliate Marketing will be best for you and if you want to make passive income then too.

What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

Good question!
I see a lot of bloggers they're just sharing their article's link and I think it's not a good thing. Instead of sharing links in any group I'll suggest you build your audience then you'll get visitors. 

Or you can post something like this. If you're a newbie then it'll be best for you.

Should you encourage other people to start blogging and taking it as a career?

Obviously Yes,

But if you're those types of people who want to make quick money and don't want to work hard.

Then dude Blogging is not for you...

Do you think social media’s like Quora, Facebook, Instagram helps Newbie’s to gain traffic in starting days?

Quora is the best platform if you're a newbie and want to get traffic in starting days. Instead of doing hard work on Facebook and Instagram.

 I'll suggest you make videos on YouTube. It'll help you to build an audience on Facebook and Instagram very fast

Can you please reveal your earnings and sources of earning with our readers? (If you don’t have any problem then.)

Don't ask a woman about her age and a man about his earnings.😝

It's Funny Bro!!!

Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favorites?

Here's the list of some of my favorite bloggers and digital marketers:

  • Brian Dean
  • Neil Patel
  • Anil Agarwal
  • Ankit Singla
  • Kulwant Nagi
  • Akshay Hallur
  • Allison Lindstrom
  • And a few more...

Any special message to the newbie blogger from your side?

Don't take Blogging as a hobby take it as a business and you'll grow fast. And keep in mind that it's not a quick rich scheme.

Do you want to give suggestions to my blog? (If any)

Your blog is fantastic and you're sharing very useful information on your blog. Keep sharing these types of useful content with the audience.
Thanks for inviting me here.

Wow, nice answer's Piyush I think this interview will help newbie a lot. And I am also thanking you for giving me an opportunity to interview you and I wish your blog "ExactBlogging" touches the sky...

And Thanks to "TechyyDude" and "ExactBlogging" readers for coming here and reading this Inspirational Interview.

If you loved it then don't forget to comment down... I will meet you in the next fresh episode and till then..

Bye Bye 👋👋

HI!! My Name Is Suryakant sahoo A Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, YouTuber, And Founder Of In This Blog, We Provide Valuable And Authentic Content related to Digital Marketing.

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