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Hi Guys!!! Welcome to the fresh episode of "The TechyyDude Show" today we're going to interview Chayan Chakrabarti sir who is a blogger, affiliate marketer, and content creator and founder of SimpleFactsOnline.

His blog SimpleFactsOnline is now a brand and there he writes about Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO, and How to earn money online. So if you are interested in these topics then do follow his blog.

If you haven't read older episodes of The TechyyDude Show where I have a great session with Piyush Yadav and Santanu Debnath sir. Then you're missing a lot. 

Ok,, without wasting time let's start the interview:)

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Hi!! Chayan Chakrabarti sir welcome to The TechyyDude Show can you please introduce yourself and your blog with our lovely readers.

First thing first, many thanks for allowing me to share my journey with your audience. It’s a pleasure.

Hey guys, this is Chayan Chakrabarti. I am living in Delhi NCR, India now. And I am the founder and content creator of simplefactsonline. Where I create content related to Digital Marketing, Blogging & SEO.

How you have started “SimpleFactsOnline” and what inspires you most to start your own online business when you have the job. Your blogging story.

I get this a lot. People around me say, you have a decent job, then why side hustle? To be honest, I like the digital marketing field and I strongly believe that I can contribute something positive here. So in August 2019, I have started simplefactsonline and since then I am managing my blog and job together.

What is your biggest success and failures as a blogger? And what is the impact of that in your life and businesses?

I have started my blog in my 30’s, so prior to that I have seen many failures and a little success in my life. The rejections and failures made me stronger.These days I neither get carried away nor sad for any situation.

Success has a different meaning to all. If you have a Toyota, you will look for a BMW. The guy who has BMW now, may be he wants a JET.

I could not even imagine that I would gain some authority under the 6th month of my blogging. I am lucky that I got the support of the awesome blogging community. Here are list of the people who went out of the box to help me:

This is my biggest blogging asset so far.

Yes, I have my share of mistakes when I have started. Some of them are:

  1. Write Without Keyword Research
  2. Did Not Post On A Regular Intervals.
  3. Publish low Quality Articles.
  4. Build Spammy Backlinks

If you are a new blogger who is clueless about the next blog post, traffic sources. Then I would like to tell you that, you are not the only one, I have been there.

Yes, Chayan sir I have been also suffered from the same problem when I have just started the blogging career but if you're willing to become a successful blogger then these obstacles can't stop you.

Can you please explain to our readers what to take as their passive monetization platform Adsense or Affiliate marketing?

Based on the niche and traffic, there are multiple monetization models. One can start with ad networks like adsense, followed by affiliate marketing and can also use ads and affiliate products together.

If it’s a new blog and you are only using ads, then wait for a few months to get the first payout. In the meantime, focus on ranking the articles and gain more authority.

With affiliate marketing you can earn even if you have less traffic, but in order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to be a brand.

What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in the digital marketing industry and those who have failed?

Successful people are growing so fast these days. Look at any successful influencer in the digital marketing space. Be it any youtuber, blogger, podcasters, pr agencies.

They are providing the values and there are thousands of people who like their ideas or solutions. Some influencers have also developed their personal brand.

No matter in which form or shape you create content, if you can add value, your email lists, followers will increase and you will get more profits.

If anyone asks you to choose between JOB vs ONLINE BUSINESS then what should be your answer?

Job is also a very important part in society.It's a fact that you have to give more inputs in a job, and the payout is unsatisfactory at times. But entrepreneurship is not easy either.

Whatever happens in a job, you have a fixed paycheck expect. That can help you to get your bread and butter. In entrepreneurship, you have to go through a lot of trial and errors to define your ideal products/solutions.

My recommendation will be to choose wisely. If you are doing a job and thinking that you do not have time for side hustle. Then follow me and see how I am managing both effectively.

Can you please reveal the numbers of blogs you’re running now?

I bought a few domains, but currently working with simplefactsonline only. In future I have a plan to start a blog based on online courses.

According to you what practices a newbie blogger should follow to rank their blog and blog posts in the top 10 as fast as possible.

First of all, a new blogger has to have a clear mindset. For the first few months there will not be much traffic and rankings. So during this time a blogger should work on the website navigation and mobile friendliness . Some other things are:

  1. Get Referral Traffic
  2. Use Long-Tail Keyword
  3. Use Social Media
  4. Post New Content Frequently

If any blogger can follow this for 2 to 3 months. Then he will observe a good spike in the rankings and traffic.

Can you please explain SEO to newbie bloggers because they think it is super hard and we can’t do it but that’s not the reality.

You will be optimizing your content for the search engines. But, that should not be your primary goal. Because search engine bots wont click on your ads, neither will they purchase from your affiliate links.

Write for the humans. Provide values and everything else can be taken care of. Understanding the searchers intent is crucial. If you want to learn seo as a beginner, then wait for my e-book.

What major things a blogger or digital marketer should follow to get traffic in their initial days of career.

Getting traffic to a new blog is not that hard. However, most new bloggers complain about their traffic. You can do seo to get organic traffic. You can use social media to get referral traffic. To gain more traffic use paid ads. Don’t have the doubt that you will not get traffic.

What is your goal you want to achieve after 4 to 5 years?

I would like to be an actionable content creator.

Who are your biggest inspirations of life? And why they are your inspirations.

I get inspiration from many personalities. From sportsmen, actors, entrepreneurs and so on. Some of the inspiring personalities are:

  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Ratan Tata
  4. Apj Abdul Kalam
  5. Harrison Ford

Can you please reveal your income you generate from your online business. (If you don’t have any problem.)

Well, I can’t reveal the exact number, but I earn enough to reinvest in the business. I use these monetization modes:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sponsorship Posts
  3. Freelancing Services

Any tips for Bloggers, Affiliate marketers on how to scale-up their online business.

Focus on creating a loyal audience for your blog. This will help you to scale your earnings fast.

Small tip for my blog and work. (If you want to give.)

I like the design and layout. Write more and promote more. All the best.

Thank you Chayan Chakrabarti sir for giving time for "The TechyyDude Show" and the interview is awesome I have got lots of values and inspirations from you. And I think readers will also get motivated after reading this...

Awesome Interview!!! 

I wish that your blog "SimpleFactsOnline" makes history and touch the sky... 

And thanks to all readers who have come and read this inspirational, motivational, and knowledge full interview... 

If you loved the interview then don't forget to comment down and please share it in social medias... I will meet you in the next fresh episode and till then..

Bye Bye👋👋

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  1. Whenever Chayan is facing an interview he shares something very useful and very unique. This interview also contains some amazing information about blogging.

    Thanks bro for mentioning me and thanks Suryakant sahoo for sharing this.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

  2. Chayan Brother It’s an amazing interview and Thank You TechyDude for inviting him and make this interview an useful one. ‘Success has a different meaning to all’ This thought is something higher than usual. Again TechyDude, I wish you conduct more interviews like this.

  3. Great job Chayan and well done Suryakant. Keep up the awesome work, folks. Blogging is simple but gets uncomfortable sometimes. In those moments, feel fear and return to keeping thing simple. Doing simple things for a long time yields success.


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