Introducing! How To Make A Blog In 2021 From Scratch In 10 Steps [Full Guide]

Hello Bloggers!!!

Do you want to know? How to make a blog in 2021 and how to earn six-figure from it. Then this guide is for you...

Today, I am going to tell you from basic to advance that how to choose a right domain to how to earn-six figures from it.

First of all I want to say something before we get deep into this...

Thank You!!

You're wandering that why I am thanking you. Right? 

I'm thanking you because you're coming on the category of real action-takers and do you know the percent of real action-takers in the world is only 10%.

So, without wasting your more precious time.

Let's dive deep into it!!

First! Why Should You Start A Blog In 2021?

Ok, good question... I always say that there is always a right time to start a blog. If you haven't started the blog yet then 2021 is golden time for you all. 

Because blogging is such a profession which becoming harder day by day and if you start today at this moment..

then you can prove yourself on this field.

If you start your blog at this moment then there are some golden benefits for you.

  • Blogging is a platform through which you can express yourself to the world by just writing some simple words.
  • By doing blogging you can get your real true fans which will love to read your blogs and can share it on social media.
  • By doing blogging you can earn money from your blog and can become millionaire but this not a quick rich scheme you've to work hard.
  • By doing blogging you can setup your business and can become a new generation Entrepreneur.

There are many more benefits but if I will start counting then this post will become very lengthy.

So, let's come to the topic how to make a blog a successful blog in 10 steps in 2021.

  • Step1: To find a profitable niche for your blog.
  • Step2: To find a good domain name for your business.
  • Step3: To find a good hosting provider in budget.
  • Step4: Set Up your WordPress blog.
  • Step5: Choosing a SEO & mobile friendly theme.
  • Step6: Installing some important plugins.
  • Step7: Writing and publishing your first blog post.
  • Step8: Creating website promotion plans.
  • Step9: Silly mistakes to avoid when you're just starting.
  • Step10: How to earn millions of dollars form it. 

Let's Start With Step 1 Of How To Make A Blog. (Niche Selection)

Niche selection

Niche selection is a very crucial part because you're stepping out your first step. If you will do mistake in niche selection then you can't build your business.

90% bloggers quit their blogging career because they do mistakes in choosing in niche and after that they don't write because they lose interest..

If you don't know how to choose a perfect niche for your business then...

take a cup of tea or coffee and start reading with me!!

See to choose a perfect niche for you you need two things one is PASSION and another one is PROFIT and when you will mix it you will get PROFITABLE NICHE.

Passion: You have to ask question to yourself about your passionate niche:

  1. Can you be regular on that niche?
  2. Can you have enough knowledge on that niche to write down so you can solve problems of others?
  3. Can you share unlimited amount of article or post on that niche?

Profit: You have to ask question to yourself about your profitable niche:

  1. Niche in which I have passion can there is any option to earn from it?
  2. Niche which I am selecting has enough keywords and search volume?
  3. Are there enough affiliate programs to join on my niche?

Still confused!!

profitable niche selection

There are five steps you have to follow for a perfect and profitable niche:

  • Step1: Write down your interest in which you're passionate to do. (only 5)
  • Step2: Cut down in which you're least passionate and can't continue for long time.
  • Step3: Which will remain last it is your perfect niche you're finding for
  • Step4: And find a source of income on that niche (like: affiliate, paid ads)
  • Step5: You're good to go.

Some popular niches are like:

  • Make Money Online
  • Real Estate
  • Stock Market
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Fitness
  • Self Improvement & Self Caring
  • Travelling

Now!! I think you're ready with your profitable niche. So, let's go step two of how to make a blog.

Step 2 Of How To Make A Blog. (Domain Name Selection)

Domain Name Selection

After successfully choosing a profitable niche for your blog now it is the time to choose a perfect domain name for your blog.

While choosing domain please be very careful. If you do mistake then it will ruin all your previous efforts.

Choosing a perfect domain name is so important because it is your online brand name and firstly people kept their eye on your domain name.

To Choose a perfect domain name for your brand you have to kept 4 points on your mind.!!

  • Keep It Short And Memorable: I will suggest that you should keep your domain name within 2 words because it will be easy to remember for your dream customers.
  • Don't Use Numbers: Don't use numbers or any special characters in your brand name because it makes hard to remember and looks unprofessional.
  • Use Main Keywords: Use your main keyword in your domain name it will help you in SEO and it will take your website to wider audience.
  • Always Use TLD Extension: I will prefer you should always go with TLD (Top Level Domain) extension like  .org, .com, .net, .biz, etc., because it accessible in whole world.

Keep this 4 points on your mind and you're good to go with your perfect brand name.

If you still confused!!

Then use LeanDomainSearch a website which will help you to find your dream domain name.

Just put your main keyword on the search box and it will automatically show you thousands of TLD extensions domains. Here for example, I have taken "blogging" as main keyword. 


Now You're ready with your dream brand name!! Let's move to...

Step 3 Of How To Make A Blog. (Hosting Selection)

Hosting Selection

To host your website on internet you need web hosting. Basically web hosting is a place where all your data, media assets are stored.

So, it can accessed by users all over the world. Now you're roaming about which WordPress hosting is good?? Right.

Hmm.. Why To Fear When Suryakant Is Here!!😅   Nice One Na...

There are tons of web hosting providers available in market but it is my duty to suggest you a good one.. which will have all features and don't make your pocket heavy.

GreenGeeks is one of the best hosting available right now in the market which has all features you need and it will cost you very low.

It is one of the hosting for beginners as well as professionals too. It has the features like SSD data space, free SSL and CDN, and many more which you will love to use. 

So are you ready to start your dream brand!!

First click on this discounted link to get started with GreenGeeks. After that you will be landed on their official site and then select plan which shoots best for you.

GreenGeeks plans

After that you will be redirected to another page where they will ask for domain name you can choose new one or you can use the existing one. (They give free domain for 1st year).

GreenGeeks domain selection

And after that you to fill your personal information like name, email, etc. To create your account.

Personal details

Now just you have to select your server and do payment. You're ready to go...

Pro Tip: Select your web server nearest to your targeted audience.

Payment details

Now You're done with buying a perfect hosting for your dream business.

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Step 4 Of How To Make A Blog. (Blog Set Up)

Blog Setup

After you choose everything now it is the time to set up your blog professionally. Now you've your hosting and domain connected.

Now you have to install WordPress on your hosting so you can build your website and can create blog posts.

To install WordPress for the steps given below:

greengeeks softaculous app installer
  • Step1: Go to your C panel.
  • Step2: Click on softaculous app installer and after that click on WordPress.
  • Step3: Give details like name, password, email, etc.,.
  • Step4: After that your WordPress site will be ready to use in few minutes.

Step 5 Of How To Make A Blog. (Theme Selection)

Theme selection

Your First Impression Is Your Last Impression!!

You know it... Right!! So we have to choose a perfect theme which looks is good, loads fast, SEO friendly, secured, etc.

And GeneratePress is the one which have all the features mentioned above. it is lightweight (Under 10KB), having high tier speed, and fully secured.

I am using GeneratePress in this blog and some other projects from last 1 year also and I can say surely that it is one the best theme a blogger guy can have on their websites.

It will cost you around $59 for lifetime with 1 year premium support. So if you're serious about your dream business then...

I will highly recommend you to buy and use this mind-blowing theme. 

Some of my other favorites themes and you can use on your blog are:

But I will recommend you to go with GeneratePress. To install theme for steps given below:

  • Step1: Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Step2: Go to Appearance section and click on Themes.
  • Step3: Then click on Add New and search for GeneratePress in search bar.
  • Step4: After that you will get it just click on Install and after that Activate.

By following the above process you can install GenratePress freemium to install premium one. Follow below steps:

  • Step5: Login to GeneratePress account.
  • Step6: You will get a plugin named GP Premium download it.
  • Step7: Go to WordPress dashboard.
  • Step8: Then go to Plugins section and click on Add New.
  • Step9: Click on Upload plugin and then select your download file from your computer.
  • Step10: Activate the plugin and after that go GeneratePress account and copy License Key from their.
  • Step11: Then go to Appearance and click on GeneratePress.
  • Step12: You will get a box for license key on right hand side. Paste it their and click on Save.
  • Step13: You're ready to go. 

Step 6 Of How To Make A Blog. (Plugin Install)

Plugin install

After you successful setup your blog the next step of how to make a blog is to install and activate some important plugins so it will halfway your load.

There are millions of plugins are available in market but you need to install some to optimize your content and to put thing in autopilot mode.

So, I am going to list here some of my favorite plugins which I am using on this blog.

Remember not to install too many plugins on your site otherwise it will make your website heavier to load. 13 to 14 plugins are enough.

  • Site Kit By Google: It is amazing plugin by Google through which you can check your analytics, page speed, adsense, at your WordPress dashboard by just doing a click.
  • Rank Math: It is a content optimization tool to optimize and to do proper SEO of your article so it can rank higher in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). This plugin offer much more features any other plugin.
  • Short Pixel: It is a free image optimization tool which you can use to compress you heavy and bulky size image in small size image without losing quality.
  • Thrive Architect: Thrive Architect is an amazing plugin or you can say a front-end page builder through which you can build high-converting landing pages and posts by just doing drag drop.
  • JetPack: It is an plugin through which you can monitor you site health, website traffic, website downtime, etc., you can protect you website from hackers by using this plugin.
  • UpdraftPlus: It is a free plugin through which you can take weekly backup of your site and can store it on your Google drive. It is the one of the essential plugin every bloggers should have.
  • Social Snap Pro: Social snap is a plugin which will help your readers to share your post on any social media they love. And Google also takes social signal as a ranking factor.
  • W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket: They both are cache plugin through which you can reduce your page load time and can send a strong signal to Google for higher ranking. First one is free while the other one is paid.

To install these plugins on you site follow below steps:

  • Step1: Go to Plugin section and click on Add New.
  • Step2: Then upload your .ZIP file or search the plugin name in Search Bar.
  • Step3: After that click on Install and then Activate.

Step 7 Of How To Make A Blog. (Publish Your First Post)

Write first blog post

Writing and publishing first post is a very special and emotional moment for every bloggers. I want to congratulate you because you're real action taker and you setup your blog.

First some things you should know before you publish you first blog post...

  • Do Proper Keyword Research: You can do proper keyword research using SEMrush this tool will help you to find low competitive and high search volume keyword in few seconds.
  • Add Some Infographics & Images: Use some images, infographics, screenshots so readers relate to your post and can understand things properly.
  • Do On-Page SEO: You have to do On-Page SEO very smartly so your post can rank on search engines ASAP!! And always focus on long tail keywords.
  • Try To Write Long & To The Point Article: Make sure your post should exceed at least 1500 words and keep your article to the point don't confuse your readers.

Let's find how to write and publish your first post...

  • Step1: Go to post section and click on Add New.
  • Step2: The new post section will arrive.
  • Step3: Add heading and start writing down your first post.
  • Step4: After you complete your writing click on publish to live your post.

Step 8 Of How To Make A Blog. (Promotion Plans)

Blog Promotion

Now you have completed your blog setup and now you have also published your first blog post.

Now you have to create promotion plans for your blog because in initial days search engines will not send you any traffic.

To get organic traffic you have to wait at least 5-6 months so, in this period of time you have to promote your blog on other platforms.

Below I've listed some ways to promote your blog and to get some initial traffic:

  • Write Guest Post: First of all find some high authority sites in your niche and do guest post on their sites. By doing this you and your site will get exposure and a signal will be send to Google.

Note: You can do guest post on my site also. Click here for more details.

  • Create Facebook Group: Create your Facebook group and start inviting people from your niche. Add values to your group members life and in middle share some of your posts. Social signal is one of the ranking factor.
  • Start Capturing Email Leads: Start capturing email leads by giving some freebies (eBook, video courses, etc). So, when you publish your new post then start a automation and you will get your initial traffic.
  • Strat Giving Answers In Quora: If you're a newbie and want initial high quality and targeted traffic related to your niche then start answering questions on Quora, Medium.

I just want to tell you that build an eco-system of traffic around you and your blog so, whenever you need traffic just start an automation and everything will be done for you in minutes...

See, we can't depend only on SEO because we can't be at top every time in search engines. If my competitor do better SEO than me I will be slipped to number two And you will loss your traffic overnight.

Work on SEO as well as on the other sources also.

Step 9 Of How To Make A Blog. (Mistakes To Avoid)

Mistakes To Avoid

Now we have our full fledged blog and we've published our first post also. So, the of how to make a blog is to avoid some silly mistakes when you're a newbie.

  • Your Speed Matters A Lot: Your website page matters a lot. If you want to get on top of search pages then you website have to load within 2 to 3 sec. Google take page speed as one of the ranking factor.
  • Don't Copy Other's Work: If you want to take your blogging business to next level then don't copy other bloggers work. Because Google rank those articles who have some uniqueness.
  • Improve Your SEO: When you start you will do some mistakes in on and off page SEO but when you will do it regular you will get to master it day by day. Every time try to bring 100 out of 100.
  • Invest On Your Learning: See, every business needs investment and blogging also. So, don't hesitate when you have to invest because when you invest it will help you to sharpen your skills and work too.
  • Don't Try To Cover All Things In Your Blog: Because we can't be perfect at everything so stick to one thing you love most and one day you will get success.
  • Don't Run Behind Sales In First: See, in first you will not get any sales so don't think that blogging is a quick rich scheme and I will get overnight success. First add some values to your readers life through your post and blog.

And Lastly Be Patient Be Motivated And Keep Your JOSH High!!

Step 10 Of How To Make A Blog. (Earn Money From Blogging)

Earn Money From Blog

Now we have to think about how to earn money from a blog with some legit ways. I've listed some of ways here through which you can earn when you sleep.

  • Affiliate Marketing: One on my and all bloggers favorite is affiliate marketing. Because it is a consistent and passive way to earn from blogging by promoting other products by just putting one link on your blog.
  • Adsense or (Advertising): Basically it is a third-party website and you have to put their ads on your blog and when someone click on that ad you will get paid and it is one of the widely used methods by bloggers.
  • Selling Own Products: You can also sell your merchandise on your blog like eBooks, courses, t-shirts, etc. In you blog and can earn millions from it.
  • Offering Services: You can also offer you services to your readers and you can get paid by them. If you are master is some skills like SEO, content marketing, Ads expert, etc. then you can offer it to your audience.

If you have to know some more ways to earn money from blog. Link Below...

9 Classy Tips On How To Earn Money From Blog.

FAQs: How To Make A Blog

1. How Much It Will Cost To Start A Blog?

It Will cost you $2.95 per month when you host your blog with GreenGeeks one of the best hosting provider in the world. Here is the discounted link.

2. Is This article will give all my answers on how to make a blog in 2021?

I can bet you that this article will be your last article to read on how to make a blog because in this guide I have covered A-Z of this topic.

3. How to get traffic to my blog in 2021?

You can get traffic by writing detailed content which will help your readers, by sharing it on social media, etc. Click here to know more.

4. What are the ways to earn money from blog in 2021?

You can earn from your blogging by these ways: Affiliate marketing, Advertising, Selling own products, Selling courses, etc.

Conclusion: How To Make A Blog

Congratulations!! You have created your dream business in 2021. Now you just have to be consistent and patient. Slowly you will get path toward your success.

We've discussed all thing related to how to make a blog in 2021 and how to take it to the next level.

Bookmark this post so you can get it whenever you have confusion related to how to make a blog.

And you can also join our blogging community and you can ask anything related to digital marketing and I and my some fellow bloggers will try to help you ASAP!!

Always Learn And Execute!! And Please Share It If You Found It Helpful..

Suryakant Sahoo

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