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If you want to know how to rank your blog on top of the SERPs then this guide is for you. In this guide, we will discuss blog description or meta description ideas, and how to master it within a few hours.

In today’s date blog description or meta description is one of the google most essential factors if you want to rank your blog because it drives traffic and gives branding to your website.

Whenever a visitor searches any queries and gets to your website he/she first sees the description of a blog on SERPs and you have to write it properly because “the first impression is the last impression”.

Many bloggers fail to rank their blog because they don’t write properly or they take blog descriptions or blog post descriptions lightly and if you want to succeed in the blogging field then you can’t take this topic lightly.

Today I am going to tell you about all the essential points you have to keep in mind before you start writing a powerful description for the blog.

So without wasting your precious time lets dive to the article…

Introduction To Blog Description

Blog description is a description or a short introduction of your website which appears below to your site or post link in SERPs. Basically there are two types of blog descriptions.

Blog Description: This is the description of your blog or homepage which appears below your site link in SERPs.

blog description
Example of Meta Description

Blog Post Description: This is the description of your blog post which appears below your blog post link in SERPs.

blog description
Example of Blog Post Description

How to Write A Best Blog Description

Just like a blog post description, you have to write a meta description for your blog homepage in which you have to tell which niche (topic) you are covering.

Just you to give a sneak peek idea of your topic to the audiences in the description and don’t forget to add main keywords in your meta description.

What TO Write In Blog Description:

  • Explain your niche
  • Add your main keywords and LSI keywords
  • Use some eye-catchy word or line
  • Add your expertise in description
  • Show your brand

Examples of Blog Descriptions

I have added some of the best blog descriptions here so you can take ideas from this and can make a good meta description for your blog.

  • TechyyDude
example of blog description
  • Neil Patel
example of blog description
  • Master Blogging
example of blog description
  • Blogging Cage
example of blog description

How To Add Meta Description For WordPress Website

Like blog post description you have to add homepage description. In WordPress, you can add a blog description or blog post description very easily with just a single click.

SEO plugins like Rankmath or Yoast SEO will help you to add a meta description of the homepage as well as blog posts also.

Below is an example of how you can add a blog/blog post description in WordPress.

blog description for wordpress

How To Write Blog Post Description In WordPress

You can use Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin to write a good blog post description. With the help of these plugins, you can easily create a good and SEO friendly blog description.

blog post description

How To Add Blog Description For Blogger Website

Now you have found how to add blog descriptions in WordPress but some of my blogger’s friends are not using WordPress they are using other best blogging platforms like Blogger so below is that how you can add a blog description for blogger website.

First Open Blogger dashboard and the follow these steps…

blog description for blogger

Click on “Settings” and then “Search Preferances

Enable search description? Click on “YES” usually it was selected on “No”. After writing your blog description click on “Save Changes

Types Of Blog Post Description:

Short blog post description: Short descriptions are usually less than equal to 160 characters. Short descriptions help you to rank good in SERPs because it is SEO friendly and look attractive and fill curiosity in the audience to check your blog post.

Long blog post description: Long description are more than 160 characters and look odd in SERPs usually google doesn’t recommend long descriptions If your long description then it will be a bad SEO signal to your site.

Tips To Write A Perfect Blog/Meta Description.

  • Main Keyword: Use your main keyword in the description so it will become easy to google bots/crawlers to crawl your website and to find out the main keyword.
  • Uniqueness: Make your blog description unique from others don’t copy other descriptions.
  • LSI keywords: Add LSI keywords in your description. It will give boost your website ranking in SERPs.
  • Call To Action: Add call to action words in your descriptions to get better clicks.
  • Conversational Words: Use conversational words like I, You, We in your blog description so the user can interact with your blog.

FAQs Related To Blog/Meta Description

What Is Blog Description?

It is a description of your site which appears below to your site link in SERPs.

What Is Blog Post Description?

It is a description of your post which appears below to your post link in SERPs.

Is Blog Description Necessary for Good Ranking?

Yes, blog/blog post description is necessary for good ranking in google or any other search engines.


I think You have understood this topic very clearly and now implement all these tips to your site and definitely you will get a good amount of traffic and better ranking.

You have to write it properly so user can get a idea of your website. To write a good descriptions you need to learn the art of explaining complex things in fewer words.

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