8+1 Best Blogs About Lifestyle To Read In 2020

Here are a number of the best blogs about lifestyle you should learn or comply within 2020.

The lifestyle niche is on buzz these days. There are dozens of niches inside lifestyle making many well-liked bloggers dive into this niche.

If you need to keep forward of traits in a home, meals, journey, trend, be sure you comply with a few of these best blogs about lifestyle.

I’m certain that you’ll love this compilation.

So here comes the top 9 best blogs about lifestyle…

1. ABeautifulMess

best blogs about lifestyle

This blog comes first when we talk about the best blogs about lifestyle. This blog is founded by two sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Both these twins grow up together in-home while making home decors and crafts.

This inspires them to start this blog and to share their knowledge of DIY home decors, crafts, etc with the world.

They love writing and till now they have published their three books based on these above topics. Books name are as follows:

  • Photo Idea Book (Topic: Photoshoots)
  • Happy Handmade Home (Topic: Home Decor)
  • Weekday Weekend (Topic: Recipe)

Their blog AbeautifullMess also listed on some top-class business articles. Forbes ranked them #2nd among the top 10 Home Influencer in 2017.


Blog Name: ABeautifulMess

Founder Name: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Blog Foundation Date: 2007

Topics Covered In Blog: DIY Home Decors, Crafts, Recipe, Photography, etc.

Monetization Method: Adsense, Sponsored Post, eCommerce, Digital Products.

2. CupOfJo

best blogs about lifestyle joanna goddard

This comes 2nd when we talk about popular and best blogs about lifestyle. This blog is founded by Joanna Goddard. Before she was to work as an editor at Cosmopolitan on various women magazines.

Joanna becomes editor in award-winning Italian lifestyle magazine Bene. After that, she quite Bene and started her work as a writer in New York and Glamour magazines.

While working as a writer in New York and Glamour magazines she started this blog CupOfJo as a hobby but it’s flip into her profession.

Her blog was featured in many business articles. Forbes ranked CupOfJo in the top 10 best blogs about lifestyle for women.


Blog Name: CupOfJo

Founder Name: Joanna Goddard

Blog Foundation Date: 2007

Topics Covered In Blog: Food, Design, Travel, Relationships, Motherhood, etc.

Monetization Method: Ads, Affiliate Products, Sponsored Posts

3. JulieBlanner

best blogs about lifestyle

JulieBlanner was founded by Julie. When she was in college she started catering. She was to cook and bake different recipes with her grandmother at her farmhouse.

That’s when her passion for recipe and cooking started.

Before she was to work in an event management firm called “Coordinately Yours” in 2002. Later in 2008, she turns her hobby into a passion for a lifestyle blog And started writing about Home Decors, DIY, Entertainment, Recipe.

She and her blog was featured in Washington Post, Better Home and Gardens, Traditional Homes, etc. Many of her post was featured in Popsugar, MSN, Women’s Day, Parade, etc.


Blog Name: JulieBlanner

Founder Name: Julie

Blog Foundation Date: 2008

Topics Covered In Blog: Recipe, Home Designs, DIY, Entertainment, etc.

Monetization Method: Ads, Affiliate Products, Sponsored Posts

4. CamilleStyles

best blogs about lifestyle

CamilleStyles was founded by Camille Styles her blog comes in 4th when we talk about best blogs about lifestyle. She talks about tips on Health and Fitness, Entertainment, Food, Styles, etc on her blog.

Initially she used to run an event management firm. Later in 2008 she started the blog to share her knowledge with world.

She loves writing and she was the author of the best-selling book “Camille Styles Entertaining” and “Proud Mom to Phoebe and Henry“.

CamilleStyles was featured in VanityFair, HGTV, HouseBeautiful, InStyle etc.


Blog Name: CamilleStyles

Founder Name: Camille Styles

Blog Foundation Date: 2008

Topics Covered In Blog: Food, Designs, Style, Travel, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, etc.

Monetization Method: Ads, Affiliate Products, etc.

5. BlondeSalad

best blogs about lifestyle

BlondeSalad was founded by Chiara Ferragni in 2009 as a fashion and travel magazine. Chiara Ferragni was an Italian based Businesswoman, Influencer, Blogger.

Her blog collaborates with various fashion and beauty brands. She has more than 14 million per month of traffic.

In 2015 her fan following increased to 7+ million on her Instagram. After seeing her massive fan following BlondeSalad was relaunched as a lifestyle blog. That’s the reason we include BlondeSalad on our best blogs about lifestyle list.

BlondeSalad was featured of top class business Sites like Forbes, The Guardian. Chiara was featured two times on Forbes list and 55 Business Magazine covers.


Blog Name: BlondeSalad

Founder Name: Chiara Ferrgani

Blog Foundation Date: 2008

Topics Covered In Blog: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, etc.

Monetization Method: Ads, Affiliate Products, eCommerce, etc.

6. GalMeetsGlam

best blogs about lifestyle

GalsMeetGlam was founded by Julia Engel in 2011. Julia started this blog in her college time after graduation.

After her graduation, she got a full-time job but at the weekend she works on her blog. When she earned higher than her job she quit the job and became a full-time blogger.

Now the site has become one of the best blogs about lifestyle. She was also featured in Forbes top influencers of 2017.


Blog Name: GalMeetsGlam

Founder Name: Julia Engel

Blog Foundation Date: 2011

Topics Covered In Blog: Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle, etc.

Monetization Method: eCommerce, Affiliate Products, etc.

7. SincerelyJules

best blogs about lifestyle

SincerelyJules was started by Julie Sarinana in2009Julie was a Mexican based blogger and influencer. SincerelyJules was started because Julie loves for Fashion and Creativityness.

Julie has 5+ million followers on Instagram. She collaborates with top brands like BiilaBong Revolve, SK-II, etc. On starting days she comes to her blog because of sharing his thoughts, Lifestyle Photos. After she became a full-time blogger and influencer.

Her motto was “DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE” she was inspiring world with this tagline.


Blog Name: SincerelyJules

Founder Name: Julie Sarinana

Blog Foundation Date: 2009

Topics Covered In Blog: Lifestyle tips, Thoughts, Products, etc

Monetization Method: eCommerce, etc.

8. TheSkinnyConfidential

best blogs about lifestyle

TheSkinnyConfidential was founded by Lauryn Evarts in 2010. First, it was a fitness blog later this blog is turned to a lifestyle blog and it was the best blogs about lifestyle I ever read.

Lauryn released her own book named ” The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle guide and a Body Guide” after that she hosted a Podcast ” The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER” in partnership with her husband. which got 53+ million downloads.

TheSkinnyConfidential was featured in Women’s Health Magazine, The Gary Vee Show, SHAPE, etc.


Blog Name: TheSkinnyConfidential

Founder Name: Lauryn Evarts

Blog Foundation Date: 2010

Topics Covered In Blog: Beauty, Wedding, Wellness, Home, Travel, etc

Monetization Method: Brand Collaboration, Books, Affiliate Products, etc.

9. BareFootBlonde

best blogs about lifestyle

BareFootBlonde was started by Amber Fillerup Clark in 2012. She was very passionate about hairstyles at an early age. To express her creative hairstyles to the world Amber started the BareFootBlonde.

BareFootBlonde comes 9th in our best blogs about lifestyle compilation.

Along with BareFootBlonde she started BareFoot Blonde Hair in 2016 a Hair extension company.


Blog Name: BareFootBlonde

Founder Name: Amber Fillerup Clark

Blog Foundation Date: 2012

Topics Covered In Blog: Hairstyle, Lifestyle, Travel, etc.

Monetization Method: Affiliate Products, eCommerce, etc.

Wrapping Up…

I think you love the compilation of best blogs about lifestyle. Here we include our best 9 lifestyle blog which we found as best to inform you.

If I missed your favorite the please comment in the comment box and please share it in all your social media handles so this post can be read by everyone you know.

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