11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Tools You Should Use To Become Affiliate Geek!!

Hello Bloggers!! 

Today I'm going to tell you plenty of amazing and mind-blowing affiliate marketing tools you need to earn millions from affiliate marketing.

These tools will help you to become an affiliate geek.

Affiliate marketing can be tough for someone unless if you don't have these amazing affiliate marketing tools in your pocket.

So are you ready to know this amazing affiliate marketing tools...

Let's start:)

List Of Amazing Affiliate Marketing Tools 

NameCheap (Domain Registration)


Namecheap is a website where you can register a domain name for your online brand (Blog/Website). You can earn money without having a blog or website.

But if you've your own website then it will help you to scale-up your business fast and you will have your own brand online

and having your own website is one of the most necessary parts of affiliate marketing. 

Namecheap offers domain names at a very cheap price as you can see on their brand name.

I will suggest you to go with high authority TLD extensions like .com, .in or .net. They offer .com TLD extension in the price of just $8.88 and .net in the price of $10.78.

GreenGeeks (Hosting)


When you have your domain ready with your cup of tea then the other most important thing is to get hosted on the server and here comes the work of GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks gives you a place on the internet where you can host your domain and after that you're ready to go with your website or blog.

It is one of the most popular hosting company which offers the best features in a handful of dollars.

They're known for their best and 24/7 customer support, value for money, easy customization, and many more...

GreenGeeks offers WordPress hosting for just $2.95 per month.

But, If you have a good amount in your pocket and want to invest in one of the best servers (Google Cloud).

where all google platforms are hosted then you can go with SiteGround.

Click here to go with one of the best hosting SiteGround.

GeneratePress (World's Lightest Theme)


GeneratePress is one of the best themes under the size of just 30KB. Now you've got to know why I'm telling this one of the best and light-weight themes. 

They give you theme at the best price of just $49.95 and you have to give this amount for one time and you can use it on your unlimited websites or blog.

It is most stable and compatible with all page builders like Thrive Architect and Elementor.

They have a free version also but you will not get all the features. 

Thrive Architect (Page Builder)

Thrive Architect

Now, here comes the game changer plugin and the name of this magic is Thrive Architect. 

It is one of the best page builder plugin ever I can say and that's why I am including this in the list of amazing affiliate marketing tools. 

It comes with lots of features like countdown timer, progress bar, click to tweet, and many more features you will love to use.

It will help you to build high-conversions landing pages, beautiful homepage and blog posts, and write amazing reviews that bring conversions.

They provide pre-built 269 templates which are highly convertible and mobile-friendly and the price of this game-changer is only $67 and believe me...

You will fall in love with this plugin after using this... ❣

Grammarly (Content Creation)


Grammarly is an amazing tool which will help you to create mind-blowing contents by removing some silly grammatically mistake.

Which will make you a professional content writer...

Your website and your visitors need quality content and here Grammarly comes in action. It will detect and help you to correct your small grammatical mistakes...

Which human eye missed..!!!

And, the best part do you know that it's totally free. You can use it on your browser, MS Office, Outlook, and many more.. 

Poptin (Lead Generation)


There is one quote in digital marketing:

If You're Not Building Your Email List Then You're Not Building Your Business #Businessquote #Digitalmarketing #leadgeneration

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Lead generation is one of the major parts of digital marketing. Without lead generation technique digital marketing look like "a body without a soul". 

We all know that new visitors will not buy directly from your links or referrals. You have to convert your visitors into subscribers first by winning their trust.

And you're good to go...

I will suggest you to go with Poptin for this amazing lead generation process because it is one of the amazing affiliate marketing tools with minimalistic UI with tons of features. 

They offer different types of pop-ups related to different works like: lead generation, sales, promotions, etc.

It comes with lots of trigger technology like exit intent, click count, inactivity, display frequency, page targeting, and many more.

Active Campaign (Email Marketing)

Active campaign

After generating leads from pop-ups now you have to send values to your subscribers. 

So how you will send it??

Active Campaign will help you to send amazing, attractive, and beautiful emails to your lovely subscribers. 

You can create campaigns and set autoresponders which will automatically send emails to your subscribers when they will in your list. One of the most powerful features...

You've to work one time and after that Active Campaign will do all your works in minutes. 

They come with some of the best features like CRM, email segmentation, Dynamic content, and many more.

If you're in any other email marketing software previously and want to shift to Active Campaign then they will offer you a free migration. And the basic plan starts from just...

$9 per month...

Pretty Links (Link cloaking)

Pretty Links

This is one of the best and must have affiliate marketing tools to do affiliate marketing in ease.. This tool is much pretty than the name is.

Basically, pretty links do link cloaking for affiliate marketers like you and me. Link cloaking is one of the most important steps you've to do to get success in affiliate marketing.

By cloaking an affiliate link you can make it short and clickable, you can stop your commission to steal, and many more.

Your Affiliate link: https://xyz.com/scripts/refers/php.id?13802782

Your cloaked affiliate link: https://yoursite.com/refer/productname

Now, can you see the difference between the two links for your eye which link is looking more professional, attractive, and clickable?

These amazing affiliate marketing tools will also help you to shorten your links for your email campaigns, social media, etc. like Bit.ly, TinyURL.

There're many types of redirection you can do with pretty links like 307 (temporary), 302(temporary), 301(Permanent). You can add tags, keywords, and many more.

AAWP (Amazon Associates Plugin)


Now you've your site ready with these affiliate marketing tools and I am assuming that you have made this website or blog for Amazon affiliates.

So, AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is a magical affiliate marketing tools that is specially made for amazon associates

By using this amazing plugin you can 2X your revenue and CTR from Amazon Associates 

and the key features of this plugin are geo-targeting, bestsellers and new releases lists, products boxes, data fields, etc.

Click Magick (Track Affiliate Link)

Click Magick

Click Magick is affiliate marketing tools that manage all your affiliate links, ads units, sales funnels in ease.

By tracking your ads and affiliate links you can save your dollars as well as time too. You will get accurate and exact numbers of clicks, and sales at your fingertips.

Some more features of these amazing affiliate marketing tools are geo- targeting, mobile optimization, Intelligent split testing and rotators, retargeting, and many more..

And the starter plan starts from $27 per month only.

SEMrush (Keyword Research And Competitor's Analysis)


Now, come the final weapon of affiliate marketing tools and the weapon is SEMrush world's No.1 competitor's analysis tool. 

Everyone tells that hard work is necessary but today's date smart work is needed to get success.

And SEMrush will help you to work smart. SEMrush is a tool that will give you all data of your competitors on your dashboard. So you can replicate things that your competitor's are doing to rank and can outreach them.

SEMrush has data of 10.6B keywords, 450M domains, 143 geo-databases, and 3M+ satisfied customers. So, that means every niche, keyword, domains in the world is...

discovered by SEMrush.

You can find low competitive keywords, analyze backlinks, site audits, and many more.

Final Words...

So, are you get to know? Affiliate marketing is not hard if you have these amazing affiliate marketing tools. 

All the above tools you can use to start a fully-fledged affiliate marketing website and earn dollars from it even if you're a one-man.

So, go ahead and start your affiliate marketing career right now and who knows next billionaire maybe you? 

And if you find any other tools which I have missed then drop the name in a comment and help your fellow-marketers.

If you find the article helpful please show some love by sharing and commenting on it.

Have a great future. Good Luck!!

HI!! My Name Is Suryakant sahoo A Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, YouTuber, And Founder Of TechyyDude.com. In This Blog, We Provide Valuable And Authentic Content related to Digital Marketing.

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