Who We Are?

Our Mission

Hello! Welcome to Techyydude. Here we are to give you best knowledge about blogging, digital marketing, SEO tips which will help you to learn new things and to live your live as you want.

I Suryakant Sahoo founder and CEO of Techyydude. I am a blogger, affiliate marketer and entrepreneur from India. Apart from digital marketing, I am a student of +2 science 1st year. I work hard to keep you update from the latest stuff. I love to share my knowledge about what I gained from digital marketing in the last few years. 

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Extraordinary Experiences

I have experience of 1.5 years in the field of digital marketing…

I am here because to do blogging, sharing knowledge with all, creating beautiful contents for you, updated with latest news because I love to do so… 

Our Core Values

Ok here are our core values which we will be following in the right now and in future…

  • Uniqueness
  • Giving right knowledge to readers
  • Dependability

From today your new friend..

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